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Electric transmission tower and poles in rural wind farm in Midwest corn field


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MRO Board of Directors Election Results

Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO) recently solicited nominations from its industry sector members to fill open or expiring seats on the board of directors. Following the nomination period, electronic ballots were…

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New Report Developed to Assist Industry

Facility ratings play a significant role in planning and operating the bulk power system (BPS). System Operating Limits—an essential part of real-time operations—are based on facility ratings and are crucial…

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A Compelling Case For Engagement

The challenges we face today as our economy becomes increasingly more electrified, along with the changing resource mix, decarbonization of the grid, and increasingly extreme and unpredictable weather events, place an even greater emphasis on the need for a resilient and reliable power grid.

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Latest on the Align and SEL Projects

Align and the Secure Evidence Locker (SEL) are ERO Enterprise initiatives to coordinate Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) activities across North America. On June 16, 2022, the Federal Energy…

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