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Board of directors conference room

Board of Directors

NameSectorBoard Term End
Brad Cox, ChairGenerator and/or Power Marketer12/31/2025
Dr. Dana Born, Vice ChairIndependent Director12/31/2023
Ben PorathCooperative12/31/2024
Charles MarshallTransmission System Operator12/31/2023
Darcy NeigumInvestor Owned Utility12/31/2023
Daryl MaxwellCanadian Utility12/31/2024
Dehn StevensInvestor Owned Utility12/31/2025
Eric MillerTransmission System Operator12/31/2025
Eric SchmittIndependent Director12/31/2024
Iqbal DhamiCanadian Utility12/31/2023
Jeanne TisingerIndependent Director12/31/2024
Jennifer FlandermeyerRegional Director12/31/2024
JoAnn ThompsonInvestor Owned Utility12/31/2025
John RheaGenerator and/or Power Marketer12/31/2024
JP BrummondInvestor Owned Utility12/31/2025
Lloyd LinkeFederal Power Marketing Agency12/31/2024
Michael LambInvestor Owned Utility12/31/2023
Maurice MossMunicipal Utility12/31/2025
Priti PatelCooperative12/31/2025
Scott NickelsMunicipal Utility12/31/2023
Thomas GrahamIndependent Director12/31/2023
OpenRegional Director12/31/2024
Tom FincoTransmission System Operator12/31/2024
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MRO is governed by a 23-member hybrid board of directors, with four independent directors, two regional directors, and seventeen stakeholder directors. The independent and regional directors are elected by all voting members, whereas stakeholder directors are elected by members of the applicable industry sector. The stakeholder positions are balanced in a way that assures regional reliability interests are equally represented and no two sectors can control a vote. Independent directors are compensated for their time – regional and industry stakeholder directors are not. 

The board’s primary role is to assure the organization meets its requirements under the bylaws and the Regional Delegation Agreement with NERC, and that these responsibilities are performed with due care and in an effective, efficient manner. The board has adopted policies and procedures to assure it carries out its responsibilities free of conflicts and makes no determinations on compliance or enforcement matters. Board meetings are open to public attendance and the board encourages your participation.

The board has three committees:

Full Board Roster