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Stack of binders filled with paperwork for reliability standards

Corporate Documents

MRO’s publicly posted Corporate documents are available on this page.

Policies and Procedures

PP2 Expense Reimbursement

Policy assures board and organizational group member’s expenses are reimbursed consistently

PP7 Ethics Hotline

This policy sets forth the MRO procedures related to whistleblowing.

PP10 Conflict of Interest

This policy defines conflicts of interest and sets MRO’s expectations



MRO Bylaws

These bylaws define the purpose and activities of Midwest Reliability Organization


Annual Reports

MRO 2023 Annual Report

The report reflects that the organization made measurable progress in 2023 in pursuit of a shared ERO Enterprise mission: To identify, prioritize and assure effective and efficient mitigation of risks to the reliability and security of the North American bulk power system.