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Stack of binders filled with paperwork for reliability standards

Reliability Standards

United States

As part of the ERO Enterprise, MRO is responsible for developing and enforcing a technically sufficient set of mandatory reliability standards for the electricity industry. These reliability standards define the requirements for planning and operating the North American bulk power system and are applicable to those that use, own and operate the interconnected power grid. See the full list of NERC Reliability Standards.

Through its NERC Standards Review Forum, MRO provides regional input during NERC reliability standards development processes to ensure that standards adequately mitigate regional bulk power system risks. MRO also maintains a regional standards process manual in the event the need for a regional standard arises. 

MRO publishes a list of New and Modified Standards Enforcement Dates. MRO has also published several standard application guides.


MRO’s role is similar in both Canada and the United States. While the approval process varies between Manitoba and Saskatchewan, generally the NERC Reliability Standards are mandatory and enforceable in these provinces. Authority over electricity generation and transmission in Canada rests primarily with provincial governments. Both Manitoba and Saskatchewan have recognized NERC as an electric Reliability Standards-setting organization and have committed to supporting NERC and MRO in their respective roles. 

MRO has a memorandum of understanding with Saskatchewan whose standard setting body is Saskatchewan Electric Reliability Authority (SERA). For current SERA Reliability Standards see their website

In Manitoba, MRO’s authority is provided within the Manitoba Hydro Act (C.C.S.M. c. H190, M.R. 77/2018, Schedule 1 (Section 2)) which also lists the current reliability standards. Both provinces work closely with MRO and the ERO Enterprise (collectively NERC and the Regional Entities).​

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