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Midwest Reliability Organization is committed to its Mission, which is ‘to identify, prioritize and assure effective and efficient mitigation of risks to the reliability and security of the North American bulk power system by promoting Highly Effective Reliability Organizations (HEROs).’

We use the theory and principles of high reliability organizations (HROs) as a framework for ensuring reliable operations. HRO’s are organizations that have succeeded in avoiding catastrophes in environments where accidents can be expected due to complexity, interdependence, and risk. Over time, HRO theory has evolved and provides guidance for modern safety program design and is foundational to many industries seeking high reliability in critical functions. MRO has translated this theory for application to reliable operations of the bulk power system. Implementing high standards of operational excellence supports our vision of ‘A highly reliable and secure North American bulk power system.’

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HERO Outreach

As part of MRO’s HERO program, staff have been dedicated to provide a personalized response to registered entity questions about standards, guidance documents, risk assessment and mitigation efforts, how to prepare for compliance oversight activities, and general questions about improving your company’s reliability and security posture. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

Volunteer Recognition Program

MRO’s Volunteer Recognition Program aims to recognize individuals for their dedication, commitment, and contributions to the success of MRO. Part of this program recognizes MRO organizational group members that retire from service for their dedication and commitment. The other part of the program includes an annual HERO Award that recognizes individuals that have shown exemplary initiative and commitment to advancing the concept and principles of Highly Effective Reliability Organizations (HEROs) throughout the MRO region and in support of MROs vision and mission. The qualifications for HERO Award recipients and information on how to nominate is on the HERO Award page of this website.

HERO Award Recipients