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Organization Registration

Registration in the U.S.

The ROP Appendix 5B NERC Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria describes how MRO will identify candidate organizations for Registration and assign them to its Compliance Registry. NERC’s current functional type definitions are within section II of Appendix 5B.

  • Candidate entities shall provide MRO information necessary to complete the Registration.
  • Registered Entities shall provide MRO with timely updates to information concerning ownership, operations, corporate structure, contact information, and/or other information that may affect the Registered Entity’s registration status or responsibilities with respect to the Reliability Standards.
  • Entities with the functional registrations of Generator Owner, Generator Operator, Transmission Owner and/or Transmission Operator will need to submit and maintain an Asset Verification form(s). These forms assist the registration process, ensuring that no geographical or electrical areas of the Bulk Power System lack performance of the duties and tasks identified in and required by the Reliability Standards. The asset verification forms include an inventory of assets, identification of responsibility dates, and identification of functional relationships.
  • A best practice would be to update this annually

Registration Responsibility Options for Registered Entities

  1. Joint Registration Organizations (JRO)- an entity may execute an agreement to register as a Lead Entity of a JRO on behalf of one or more parties.
    • All parties must meet functional criteria.
    • Lead entity takes full responsibility for a particular function(s) for itself and the agreement parties.
    • Lead entity submits agreement to region and informs region of agreement revisions.
    1. Coordinated Functional Registration (CFR)- an entity may execute an agreement to register as a Lead Entity of a CFR on behalf of one or more parties.
      • All parties meet functional criteria and are registered.
      • Lead entity takes full responsibility for one or more Reliability Standards for a particular function(s).
      • Lead entity submits agreement to region, informs region of agreement revisions, maintains a matrix/list of one or more Reliability Standards and compliance responsibility for itself and all parties.
      1. Third Party Agreements- a registered entity may delegate performance of a task however, may not delegate responsibility.
        • The registered entity is responsible for notifying NERC and/or its RE of such third-party agreements.
        1. Consolidation- corporate entities with multiple existing registered entities under their governance may consolidate to a single NCR.

        Registration in Canada-MRO Jurisdictional Provinces

        1. Manitoba-Entities requesting registration in Manitoba will be evaluated by MRO against the NERC ROP Appendix 5B criteria and will register through the ERO Portal as described above.
        2. Saskatchewan- Entities requesting registration in Saskatchewan should follow the Saskatchewan Electric Reliability Authority (SERA) process identified in the SERA Registration Manual.

        Helpful Registration Resources

        1. The ERO Enterprise Registration Procedure was developed to help new entities who are candidates for registration with NERC understand key terminology, how the registration process works, and the initial requirements for registered entities, NERC, and the Regional Entities.
        2. The ERO Enterprise 101 Informational Package provides a framework to assist candidates with becoming a NERC registered entity, including the steps to complete shortly after the registration process has been completed.
        3. NERC’s Centralized Organization Registration ERO System (CORES) system is used to register new entities and allows registered organizations to manage their registration information and functional relationships. CORES and ERO Portal User Guides are available on the NERC website.

        Need more information?

        Submit questions regarding registration to [email protected].

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