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Electrical transmission tower and electrical lines amongst wind farm in rural Midwest


One of MRO’s primary responsibilities is to conduct assessments of the grid’s ability to meet electricity demand in the region. Each year, the ERO Enterprise (collectively NERC and the Regional Entities) coordinates the collection and review of data and information used to assess electricity supply and demand, transmission system adequacy, and key issues and trends that could affect bulk power system reliability during the summer and winter seasons and over a ten-year period. Special assessments are also conducted on a regional, interregional, or interconnection-wide basis if warranted by a specific risk. More information on these ERO Enterprise assessments is on the reliability assessment page of NERC’s website.

In support of this process, MRO collects and reviews information prepared by Planning Coordinators across MRO’s regional footprint, including the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, for use in the ERO Enterprise-wide assessments. MRO also uses this information to perform its own independent seasonal analyses that are specific to MRO’s regional footprint. MRO’s regional summer and winter assessments focus on system performance during prior seasons to identify any possible reliability issues or trends, as well as evaluate resource and transmission system adequacy for the upcoming season. 

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Questions regarding ERO Enterprise or MRO reliability assessments should be directed to [email protected].

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