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Electric transmission tower and poles in rural wind farm in Midwest corn field


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Review of Conditions

What is a Certification Review? Are you an actively registered Balancing Authority (BA), Reliability Coordinator (RC), or Transmission Operator (TOP)? Are you thinking about or have plans to remodel, build,…

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Phishing/Ransomware/Malware Mitigation

Reducing a high risk identified in the 2023 Regional Risk Assessment through NERC Alerts and E-ISAC All Points Bulletins In the never-ending battle against the risk of Phishing/Ransomware/Malware, it is…

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Insider Threats Remain a High Priority

MRO develops new tools and resources to mitigate risk This article is an update to Understanding Insider Threats – Midwest Reliability Organization (, which was published on May…

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MRO Board of Directors Election Results

Saint Paul, Minn. Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO) recently solicited nominations from its industry sector members to fill open or expiring seats on the board of directors. Following the nomination period,…

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