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Organizational Group Oversight Committee

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MRO’s Organizational Group Oversight Committee (OGOC) is responsible for overseeing MRO’s organizational groups and the representatives serving on industry groups established by NERC. The committee’s primary responsibility is to establish organizational groups as necessary to “identify, prioritize and assure effective and efficient mitigation of risks to the reliability and security of the North American bulk power system by promoting Highly Effective Reliability Organizations® (HEROs)” pursuant to MRO Bylaws Article 8. More information on the role and responsibilities of the committee can be read in the Organizational Group Oversight Committee Charter.

OGOC Meetings

A list of past and future OGOC meetings, along with relevant meeting materials, is on the Events Page.

Organizational Group Oversight Committee Roster

NameSectorOGOC Term End
Paul Crist, ChairMunicipal Utility12/31/2023
JoAnn Thompson, Vice ChairInvestor Owned Utility12/31/2023
OpenGenerator and/or Power Marketer12/31/2023
Ben PorathCooperative12/31/2022
Charles MarshallTransmission System Operator12/31/2022
Daryl MaxwellCanadian Utility12/31/2023
Dehn StevensInvestor Owned Utility12/31/2023
Eric SchmittIndependent Director12/31/2022
Iqbal DhamiCanadian Utility12/31/2022
Jeanne TisingerIndependent Director12/31/2022
Jennifer FlandermeyerRegional Director12/31/2023