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Identification of BES Facilities

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The BESnet system provides a workflow‐based process that emulates the BES Exceptions Procedure (as outlined in NERC’s Rules of Procedure, Appendix 5C: Procedure for Requesting and Receiving an Exception from the Application of the NERC Definition of Bulk Electric System), to route, evaluate, and take actions on exception requests. Exception requests can be made for either inclusion or exclusion of elements from the Bulk Electric System (BES). The procedure for both is the same.

A registered entity is able to submit an exception request upon completion of the form. The system will automatically notify all appropriate parties of the submission. This includes submitting and owning entities, “Scope of Responsibility” entities, Regional Entities, and NERC. BESNet provides capabilities for Regional Entities to process exception requests, request and receive supplemental information, alert and notify participants of changes, issue recommendations, and monitor periodic re‐certification of requests. In addition, NERC can create proposed and final decisions, as well as manage appeals to those decisions.

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More information and training videos can be found on NERC’s BES Definition, Notification, and Exception Process page.