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Power transmission tower in field at sunset

2021 Recipients

Mark Buchholz

Compliance Manager, Western Area Power Administration

Due to his dedicated involvement across the ERO Enterprise, Mark Buchholz has become a conduit between MRO and multiple SPP, NERC, and other industry groups. His unique perspective helped avoid duplication of efforts during the development of various MRO initiatives. Buchholz was also essential in spearheading the coordination of multiple registered entities’ event analysis programs, resulting in a more effective and efficient means of understanding power system events in a portion of MRO’s footprint that has multiple owners and operators.  

Sharon Koller

Reliability Standards Compliance Strategist and Assurance Manager, American Transmission Company

Sharon Koller has been an invaluable contributor to MRO and the ERO Enterprise for many years. She was instrumental in providing clarity on the Critical Infrastructure Protection standards through her participation on several MRO Subject Matter Expert Teams that produced continent-wide recognized standard application guides for industry’s implementation of security requirements. Koller also shares her expertise with, and participates on, NERC Standards Drafting Teams that develop and modify the CIP standards. 

The board’s Organizational Group Oversight Committee struggled to select a single finalist, as both Buchholz and Koller demonstrated extraordinary commitment to MRO’s vision of a highly reliable and secure North American bulk power system. The committee ultimately determined that the contributions of both individuals merit receipt of this important award.