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Electric transmission tower and poles in rural wind farm in Midwest corn field


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HOT TOPIC: Changes to Midwest Reliability Matters

MRO’s bimonthly newsletter publication gets a refresh! With the roll-out of MRO’s new website, how and when MRO publishes news and information is getting a refresh. Instead of the 40-50 page PDF document you are accustomed to receiving bimonthly, news articles and other announcements will be published as the information becomes available. This ensures that the information you receive from MRO is both timely and relevant.

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Is Your Organization a HERO?

Over the past several years, you have likely heard or read something from MRO promoting High Reliability Organization (HRO) theory. HRO theory is used by organizations in complex environments where…

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State Regulatory Outreach Initiative

The ERO Enterprise state outreach initiative is continuing to strengthen relationships between ERO Enterprise staff and other regulatory agencies, enabling the ERO to become a valued and trusted resource for…

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