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HOT TOPIC: Changes to Midwest Reliability Matters

MRO’s bimonthly newsletter publication gets a refresh!

A newspaper on a wooden desk – Whats new

With the roll-out of MRO’s new website, how and when MRO publishes news and information is getting a refresh. Instead of the 40-50 page PDF document you are accustomed to receiving bimonthly, news articles and other announcements will be published as the information becomes available. This ensures that the information you receive from MRO is both timely and relevant.

News items will be published in HTML format with options for the reader to download, print and share through email or social media. MRO’s enhanced News Page also provides the reader options to filter and sort items by news category and type, which along with the improved search tool, makes it much easier to focus on the information you care the most about.

All current Midwest Reliability Matters subscribers will receive a monthly email summary of news items posted along with a list of upcoming meetings and events. Click here if you are not a current subscriber and would like to receive these monthly updates. Tell us what you think! Feedback on input on the new website and this revised newsletter publication process is welcomed at [email protected].