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MRO Celebrates Tenth Anniversary of Annual Security Conference

Ten Years of Positive Impact

As we prepare for the 2023 Security Conference, which will be held on September 26-28 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, we cannot help but reflect on the last nine conferences and the positive impact these events have had on both attendees and the region. This is a momentous occasion! Over the last decade, MRO has partnered with industry to identify topics of interest and attract esteemed and well-respected speakers in the areas of physical, cyber, and operational security. That trend continues this year with speakers like Rob Lee (Dragos, CEO), Bryson Bort (, CEO and Founder), Patrick Tatro (Army Ranger and Threat Hunt Lead), Dr. Jennifer Hesterman (Author of “Soft Target Hardening, Protecting People from Attack”, Colonel USAF, retired), and Ed Gray (FBI Oklahoma City Field Office, Special Agent in Charge). Since inception in 2017, the Security Advisory Council (SAC) has hosted this important event, growing it into a multi-day affair that includes a day of training, a day of learning, and a restricted regional security briefing.

This conference promotes sound security cultures, provides guidance on important security topics, socializes threat intelligence and mitigation activities, and fosters networking for security professionals across the region. This conference is a great example of how MRO helps to advance the ERO Enterprise vision of a highly reliable and secure North American bulk power system. SAC Chair Ian Anderson summed it up well when he said, “The MRO Security Conference is incredibly valuable to asset owners/operators as it gives us an opportunity to gather experts from our region and dive into the challenges we are all facing.” He added that “As we look back on a decade of excellence, we eagerly anticipate an even brighter future for this gathering of electric industry security enthusiasts.”

You can attend the 2023 conference in person or by Webex. Sign up here.

All security professionals, subject matter experts, and power system engineers are encouraged to attend this free conference. We look forward to seeing you in Oklahoma City–where everything is going my way—as we take the MRO Security Conference on the road for the first time.

Thanks to the many SAC members who have participated over the years in making these conferences a success! This includes the following, to name a few… Adam Worrall – Annette Johnston – Barbara Sugg – Brett Lawler – Carlos Morales – Chad Connell – Chad Wasinger – Clayton Whitacre – Cris Carlson – Duane Highly – Ian Anderson – Jared Hunt – Jason Nations – Jeff Imsdahl – Jennifer Flandermeyer – Jermey Anderson – Jodi Jensen – Joe Polen – John Breckenridge – John Hochevar – John Rhea – Justin Haar – Keith Jones – Keri Glitch – Kevin Wailes – Kyle Gustofson – Mark Binkelman – Mark Brooks – Mat Wilcek – Matt McQuin – Michael Meason – Michael Peterson – Mike Kraft – Norma Browne – Scott Donecker – Sean Trauschke – Sharon Koller – Steve Brown – Terri Eaton – Tim Anderson – Tony Eddleman – Warren LaPlante

Authored by Lee Felter, MRO Principal Security Engineer, Ian Anderson, Sr. Manager Enterprise Security & Monitoring, OGE Energy Corp., and Brett Lawler, Senior Threat Intelligence Consultant. Xcel Energy