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Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools at MRO

At MRO, garnering and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders is key. While this has always been true, it has come into heightened focus recently as we, along with so many others in the world, navigate the use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in our workplace.

Earlier this year, we undertook a deliberate process to draft and pilot a policy for our staff to use certain approved GenAItools. We established clear guardrails around use, most critically, that only public data may be entered into any GenAI tool. We know that we handle sensitive data of others and keeping that data protected is a clear-eyed priority for MRO. Furthermore, the use of GenAI will be prohibited for use in human resources decision-making, or in any way that could be harmful or unethical.  

Within these threshold parameters, use is usually permitted in typical corporate functions, such as communications, information technology, or finance. Use may also be permitted upon express advanced approval of use cases for operational functions, such as work related to the performance of MRO’s delegated functions for reliability and security of the grid, including but not necessarily limited to conducting an audit, compliance, enforcement, or reliability determination, projection, analysis, or assessment. Of course, opportunities are rare for use within these operational functions since only public data may be involved in the use case.

Where uses have been permitted under our policy, we still insist on imparting human judgement and accountability into the final work product. No output of a GenAI tool may be used as-is or as the final work product – MRO staff are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the final product. We understand that, despite the potential of artificial intelligence, the human element remains invaluable.

Moreover, where GenAI remains a substantive part of the final work product, we want you to know when we have leveraged the efficiency of GenAI by including a disclosure on final work products. This transparency is important to maintaining your trust. If you receive a communication from MRO that includes such a disclosure, know that staff at MRO has taken the care to communicate with you intentionally, and has leveraged GenAI technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication. This not only raises the quality of the communication, but also demonstrates the responsible stewardship of our resources with gained efficiencies.  

We recognize that technological advancements in this area are happening at breakneck speed. MRO is committed to cautious and responsible use and aims to remain informed and agile as the landscape continues to evolve.

Questions? Reach out to Julie Peterson, Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at [email protected].   

– Julie Peterson, Vice President General Counsel and Corporate Secretary