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High voltage electrical power sub station distributing electricity in winter

Generation Availability Data System

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Generation Availability Data System (GADS)

The Generation Availability Data System (GADS) is a series of databases used to collect design, event, and performance data for electric generating equipment. The data collected is used during assessment of generation resources and supports equipment availability analyses and other decision-making processes in the industry.

Applicable to:

NERC-registered Generator Owners (GO) with conventional unit nameplates of 20 MW and above are required to report through webGADS. Smaller units are encouraged to report voluntarily.

NERC-registered Generator Operators (GOP) with wind plants of 75 MW or greater of total installed capacity, commissioned by January 1, 2005, or later, must report similar data. A new OATI portal for both GADS Wind and Solar will become available by the second quarter reporting deadline of August 15, 2024. Remaining data will be collected using the existing GADS Wind Data Submissions Site. GADS Wind Turbine Generation Data Reporting Instructions detail the procedure and format to follow when reporting data to the new portal as well as the ERO Portal.

Solar units 100 MW or greater must also be reported in 2024, with units 20 MW or larger becoming mandatory on January 1, 2025.


Both GOs and GOPs submit data quarterly – due no later than six weeks after the end of each quarter.

MRO’s Role

MRO staff primarily function as webGADS administrators. MRO assists NERC staff in initial registration of users and organizations, as well as overseeing data entry prior to aggregation at the NERC level. At the end of each reporting period, MRO staff ensure that all webGADS data forms have been completed by each Functional Entity. These forms include not only unit, performance, and event data, but also a review of each company’s contacts. MRO performs data validation to ensure any flagged content is revised by the end of the regional reporting period. Upon conclusion of the Regional Entity data review, NERC staff will begin their aggregation and review of the reporting period’s data.

Need More Information?

For more information regarding GADS data reporting, please visit the NERC GADS homepage. If you have a question regarding this data request for MRO, please contact [email protected].