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NERC Posts Q1 2024 IBR Registration Initiative Update

Q1 2024 Quarterly Update

As part of its Inverter-Based Resource Strategy, NERC is dedicated to identifying and addressing challenges associated with integration of more inverter-based resources (IBR) onto the bulk power system (BPS) as the penetration of these resources continues to increase. ERO Enterprise assessments identified a reliability gap associated with this significant level of BPS-connected IBR owners and operators that are not yet required to register with NERC or adhere to its Reliability Standards. In response, FERC issued an order in 2022 directing NERC to identify and register owners and operators of currently unregistered BPS-connected IBRs. Working closely with industry and stakeholders, NERC is executing a FERC-approved work plan to achieve these directives by 2026.

To that end, NERC’s IBR Registration Initiative Q1 2024 Quarterly Update showcases progress made, highlights key activities in Legal, Registration, Standards, and Stakeholder Engagement, and provides available resources. This update was developed as part of NERC’s ongoing efforts to ensure to ensure industry and stakeholders are kept informed throughout this critical, three-phase project. More information on this project is available in the IBR Registration Initiative Quick Reference Guide.