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Sample Job posting

Reports To
Location St. Paul, MN
Post Date 10/26/2022

To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter in an email to [email protected].

Position Summary

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Connection: Place importance on relationships within MRO, across the ERO Enterprise, and industry as we do our work. Connection allows staff to leverage the expertise of others and appreciate differences.

Curiosity: The foundation for innovation and creating alternatives by being interested and asking questions. Curiosity aids us in exercising the principle of independence and being objective. It is the antidote to bias.

Commitment: Support MRO’s Vision, Mission, and Core Principles that embody our accountability to maintain the public trust as we do our work and use our funding wisely.

Competency: Apply knowledge, expertise and experience with integrity to produce excellent work while being a thought leader.

Primary Responsibilities

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Supervisor Responsibility

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Job Description Acknowledgement

I have received, reviewed, and understand the job description for my position. I understand that I am responsible for the satisfactory execution of the essential functions described.