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MRO SAC Webinar on Information Sharing & Public/Private Partnerships

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 -

MRO’s Security Advisory Council (SAC) is pleased to announce it is hosting a webinar on information sharing & public/private partnerships. With the rise in geopolitical tensions and the need to more quickly share threat information between government and industry, the SAC is hosting this webinar to raise awareness and provide clarity on information sharing opportunities. Goals of this webinar: 1) Strengthen public/private partnerships within the electric utility industry. 2) Answer the how, what, and why of information sharing between public and private entities. a. How does my organization share information with E-ISAC, CISA, and FBI? b. What information should my organization share? What incidents or events rise to the level of being relevant? c. Why should my organization share information? What can E-ISAC, CISA, and FBI do to support my organization or industry?

Additional Details

For questions about this event contact:

Estee Kolles