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Deadline approaching to volunteer for EOP-012-1 Readiness Assessment for Extreme Cold Weather Preparedness and Operations

Generator Owners that are registered in Midwest Reliability Organization (MRO) have until October 20, 2023, to volunteer or to express interest in participating in the EOP-012-1 R2 Readiness Assessment.  

This collaborative project with the Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program Advisory Council (CMEP AC) is an opportunity for Generator Owners to discuss with MRO’s Compliance team how they are preparing for the new EOP-012-1 R2 Reliability Standard and Requirement. Document submittals and discussions will be as comprehensive as the Generator Owner is comfortable with. Discussions and observations may expand to EOP-012-2 for the same applicable requirement as requested by the Generator Owner.

Some of the benefits of project participation include:

  • Being better prepared for this new standard through identification of questions to and from MRO’s Compliance team
  • Receiving answers from MRO on any questions you may have prior to the standard’s effective date
  • Learning the types of documentation that may be required for compliance
  • Developing a common understanding of capabilities of generating units and development of Corrective Action Plans
  • Sharing of observations and best practices with fellow Generator Owners

Please contact Julie Sikes or Sam Zewdie for further information.