Membership with MRO is voluntary, free of charge and does not affect NERC Registration. The benefits of membership include:

  • Participate in addressing regional risk
  • Represent their sector on the MRO Board of Directors and organizational groups
  • Vote on corporate matters
  • Support reliability and security of the regional and North-American power grid
  • Develop a network of industry peers

MRO has two classes of members: members that have voting rights and adjunct members that can participate, but not vote. To be eligible for membership, an entity must demonstrate that it belongs to one of the seven industry sectors in the MRO Region or qualifies as an adjunct member.

See a list of our Members.

To apply for membership, please submit a MRO Membership Application.

To revise or update your organization’s membership information, please fill out a Membership Change Form.

Question on MRO Membership?  Contact