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Supply Chain Risk Management

An entity’s perspective on implementing programs and controls in response to Reliability Standard CIP-013

MRO’s CMEP Advisory Council hosted its annual CMEP Conference July 26, 2022. The purpose of the conference was to provide registered entities with valuable information about the compliance monitoring and enforcement footprint within MRO, as well as other important topics for the industry.

One of the topics discussed during the conference was Reliability Standard CIP-013 – Supply Chain Risk Management. Bob Foote with Minnkota Power Cooperative shared key experiences from Minnkota’s 2022 CIP audit. Foote was able to provide valuable information on how Minnkota has developed its Supply Chain Risk Management Program and what has worked well for the organization, specifically identifying the tools utilized for vendor risk assessments and how this information is shared with employees across the organization.

He also provided insight into the risk identification methodology used, along with specific information included in Minnkota’s Supply Chain Risk Management Plan and internal controls that have been developed.

The presentations from MRO’s CMEP Conference are available on MRO’s website. The presentation referenced here is titled Supply Chain – HERO Principles – Bob Foote.

– Holly Haynes, Senior Compliance Auditor