The performance and reliability of the Bulk Power System (BPS) is assessed and measured by the industry, MRO, NERC, and government. The Results of these assessments and measurements directly support MRO's Vision of "A highly reliable and secure North American bulk power system" by providing an overview of the reliability, adequacy and performance of the regional BPS.

Regional BPS performance and reliability are determined through:

MRO relies on the engagement and active participation of industry experts in performing its work in this area. 

Reliability Risk Matrix

MRO's Reliability Risk Matrix was developed in 2019 by the Reliability Advisory Council with the objective of assessing, quantifying and prioritizing reliability risks to the regional bulk power system. In 2020, this effort expanded to the two other MRO councils (Security Advisory Council and the Compliance Monitoring Enforcement Program Advisory Council), as well as some of the other Regional Entities across the ERO Enterprise. The risk matrix was used to rank the risks identified in MRO's 2021 Regional Risk Assessment.  

The intent of the matrix is to keep the ranking process simple by focusing on the consequence/impact of the risk on the bulk power system and the likelihood of occurrence. The consequence/impact could range from negligible (1), to severe (5), while the likelihood is from very unlikely (1), to almost certain (5), and includes three main items: control, monitoring, and history. Using these inputs helps to determine where the risk is ranked on the matrix—low, medium, high or very high—which allows for an action plan to determine the method and timeliness for how a risk should be addressed.

Work will continue in 2021 to improve the matrix, with long-term plans of continuing to utilize it in the Regional Risk Assessment and possibly other assessments across the ERO Enterprise.