‚Äč‚ÄčEvent analysis is a collaborative effort among Registered Entities, Regional Entities, and NERC. The Event Analysis processes promote regional Bulk Power System (BPS) reliability by:

  • Determining the underlying causes of events and supporting identification and tracking of recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.

  • Disseminating important event information and lessons learned to BPS owners, operators, and users to improve operations.

  • Providing valuable feedback to NERC's development of reliability standards, training and education, and trend analysis.

The Process
MRO's Event Analysis Process is posted here. The Event Analysis (EA) process begins with MRO and the involved Registered Entity(s) determining the significance of the event. The lead Registered Entity prepares a brief report which is reviewed by MRO.

For more significant events, including all Category 2 or higher events, a detailed event analysis and report is also completed by the involved Registered Entity(s). Follow-up recommendations to prevent reoccurrence are identified and lessons learned are developed and shared with the industry. A root cause analysis is performed by the Registered Entity(s), NERC and MRO, resulting in the assignment of cause codes. Event Analysis program documents can be found on NERC's website.  

Events in the MRO Region should be reported to: events@mro.net.

To contact MRO outside of normal business hours, staff can be reached at 651.734.8355.