​​Frequency of Reporting:  Upon Request

PRC-002-1, a fill-in-the-blank standard that is presently applicable to the eight Regional Reliability Organizations (RROs), requires the Regional Entities to establish criteria on where sequence of event recording, fault recording, and dynamic disturbance recording equipment shall be located. PRC-018-1 is a regulatory-approved standard that requires the applicable registered entities (Transmission Owners and Generator Owners) to meet the disturbance monitoring and reporting criteria that are established by the RROs in PRC-002-1.

The MRO PRS has developed a regional list of generating stations and transmission substations that are judged to be key locations for having disturbance recording devices. In 2013, this list of generating stations and substations was sent to the respective owners with a request to identify what types of disturbance recording equipment and their capabilities exist at these locations. These entities can also submit disturbance recording capabilities of any other stations or substations that contain disturbance recording equipment that could prove to be helpful during event analysis. This list will be used for the following:

  • In the event of a system disturbance, it will provide a list of locations where disturbance recording data can be expected to be recovered and used for event analysis.
  • It will provide a baseline list of disturbance recording locations and their equipment capabilities that can be compared to the locations that will ultimately be identified in the pending PRC-002-X mandatory standard.

This process does not establish criteria for which BES locations should have disturbance monitoring and recording equipment installed. Those criteria will be determined in the mandatory standard that is still being developed by the NERC drafting team for PRC-002-X.

This list of locations and their disturbance recording capabilities will be considered confidential information and not publicly posted. The list will be securely maintained by the MRO PRS and MRO staff.

Applicable registered Generator Owners and Transmission Owners in the MRO Regional Footprint.


MRO Regional Guideline:
A Regional Guideline exists for PRC-002-1 and PRC-018-1.  This Guideline will serve as an interim guideline until PRC-002-1 is retired and replaced with the pending NERC mandatory standard for disturbance monitoring and recording equipment.​