Frequency of Reporting:  Quarterly

Analysis and Mitigation of Transmission Generation Protection System Misoperations
PRC-003 is a "fill-in-the-blank" standard requiring the Regional Entities to establish procedures defining data submittal requirements for the purposes of reviewing Transmission and Generation Protection System Misoperations that occur within its region. The MRO Procedure for NERC PRC-003-1, approved by the MRO Board of Directors in 2011, addresses the requirements of PRC-003 and PRC-004, in addition to the Protection System Misoperation data collection requirements directed by NERC.

Reporting is mandatory for any registered Entity in the MRO Regional Footprint who is a:

  • Transmission Owner
  • Generator Owner
  • Distribution Provider

On August 14th, 2014 the NERC Board of Trustees adopted PRC-004-3, Protection System Misoperation Identification and Correction, which is now pending regulatory approval. PRC-004-3 will combine the current PRC-004 and PRC-003 standards into a single standard to identify and correct the causes of protection system misoperations. When the new standard goes into effect, the MRO Procedure for NERC PRC-003-1 will be retired, and statistical data associated with misoperations will be collected via a Section 1600 data request. You can view the current status of the PRC-004-3 standard at the Project 2010-05.1 project page.

MRO's Role
MRO developed the MRO Procedure for NERC PRC-003-1 outlining entity data submittal requirements. Staff are responsible to review the misoperations submitted by entities as detailed in the MRO Procedure. Pending its retirement, the Procedure has been maintained annually by the Operating Committee.

Misoperation data is currently collected using the RAPA function of the OATI webCDMS application

This data is used to compute the reliability metric ALR-4-1.

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