Frequency of Reporting: Bi-annually (Summer and Winter)

Demand Response
Demand Response provides capacity for resource adequacy and planning purposes, and also provides system operators flexibility in maintaining operating reliability via capacity and ancillary services.

NERC established the Demand Response Availability Data System Working Group (DADSWG) in 2008 based on the Demand-Side Management Task Force recommendation that the industry needed a systematic approach for collecting and quantifying Demand Response performance.

WebDADS is the web-based system developed by the DADSWG used to collect such Demand Response enrollment and event information. WebDADS data enables NERC to measure the influence of Demand Response on reliability, and also serves as a resource to the industry for information about Demand Response participation and performance.

DADS data collection is being implemented across four phases. Phase I began in 2010 and consisted of voluntary reporting of dispatchable (Demand-Side Management resource that is curtailed according to a signal from a System Operator) and controllable Demand Response (System Operator has physical command of the resource). In 2011, Phase II made reporting of dispatchable and controllable Demand Response programs mandatory under NERC Rules of Procedures Section 1600 and includes program registration data, event data, market participation data, and ancillary services. The data is currently gathered semi-annually for the Summer and Winter seasons.

Future phases III and IV will consist of voluntary and mandatory reporting of non-dispatchable and economic Demand Response programs. 

Currently, NERC registered (NCR) Balancing Authorities, Load-Serving Entities, Distribution Providers, or Purchasing-Selling Entities that dispatch or administer Demand Response are required to register and submit data if:

    1. The Demand Response Program has been commercially in-service for more than 12 months; OR
    2. The Demand Response Program has enrolled 10MW or more of combined Demand Response resources.

MRO's Role
MRO staff primarily function as webDADS administrators. MRO assists NERC staff in initial registration of users and organizations, as well as overseeing data entry prior to aggregation at the NERC level. At the end of each reporting period, MRO staff ensures that all webDADS data forms have been completed by each Functional Entity. These forms include not only Demand Response program and event data, but also a review of each company's contacts and relationships to other entities within the region. MRO performs data validation to ensure any flagged content is revised by the end of the regional reporting period. Upon conclusion of the Regional Entity data review, NERC staff will begin their aggregation and review of the reporting period's data.

Need More Information?
More information, including aggregated Demand Response data, can be found at the NERC DADS page.

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