The summer and winter seasonal assessments are conducted through the coordinated reliability evaluation between the NERC Reliability Assessment Subcommittee stakeholder group, NERC Staff, and MRO Staff. MRO collects and reviews the summer and winter reliability assessments prepared by Planning Coordinator reporting areas within the region from an operations perspective. The NERC summer and winter assessments assess the adequacy of electricity supplies in the United States and Canada for the upcoming summer and winter peak demand periods.

Additionally, MRO conducts its own summer and winter seasonal assessments that provides an independent evaluation of recent operating history and performance analysis specific to the MRO region, with a focus on the previous season to identify any possible reliability issues or trends, as well as evaluating resource and transmission system adequacy for the upcoming season. For more information on MRO’s most recent and historical seasonal regional assessment, please click here.

MRO also annually collects, reviews and accepts the long-term reliability assessments of the Planning Coordinator reporting areas within the MRO region from a planning perspective. These assessments are intended to evaluate existing and planned generation and transmission facilities to identify key reliability issues and the risks and uncertainties affecting adequacy and security of the bulk electric system for the next 10-years. The long-term reliability assessments are performed in-conjunction with the annual NERC Long-term Reliability Assessments (LTRA).​

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