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New Report Developed to Assist Industry

Facility ratings play a significant role in planning and operating the bulk power system (BPS). System Operating Limits—an essential part of real-time operations—are based on facility ratings and are crucial to supporting and maintaining situational awareness. Facility ratings and system limitations also play a key role in modeling the grid to manage load growth and mitigate system constraints. Registered Entities must have strong and sustainable facility ratings programs to ensure a reliable and secure BPS.

The ERO-Wide Themes and Best Practices for Sustaining Accurate Facility Ratings report identifies four common challenges to sustaining accurate facility ratings. The report includes best practices to address these challenges and help stakeholders strengthen their facility ratings programs. These best practices are not one-size-fits-all since variables such as entity size, workforce levels, corporate structure, and other factors affect the feasibility of each solution. The best practices in this report are not directives to industry to undertake any actions. Rather, they are best practices for mitigating risks in facility ratings and for addressing the themes identified in the report.