​​Welcome to MRO & downtown St. Paul!

MRO is in the downtown district of historic St. Paul, which is Minnesota’s capital city. MRO’s offices are located on the eigth floor of the Lawson Commons building, which is surrounded by several historic buildings constructed in the early 20th Century. Across from the Lawson Commons is the Ordway Center of Performing Arts and St. Paul’s Rice Park, which has been a public space in the heart of the city since the mid-1800s. In 1965, the Women’s Institute of Saint Paul donated a fountain to depict the park as the source of cultural, political, educational, and natural resources in the area. Bronze statues of characters from the much-loved comic strip "Peanuts" surround the park area honoring St. Paul’s native son Charles Schultz.

St. Paul Weather

More information on the local area and climate can be found in the MRO Visitor's Guide.