The MRO Standards Committee is committed to providing training and non-binding guidance to industry stakeholders regarding existing and emerging reliability standards. Any guidance materials are developed by Subject Matter Experts from member organizations under direction from the Standards Committee. MRO staff provides input to the Subject Matter Expert Team prior to publication. 

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The MRO Standards Committee welcomes suggestions to improve the implementation of new and/or revised Reliability Standards. Please use the Standards Application Guide Request Form to submit your proposal for a new Standard Application Guide.

These do​cuments may be freely reproduced and distributed.

Standard Application Guides

CIP-002-5.1 (BES Cyber System Categorization)

CIP-003-6 R2 (Cyber Security - Security Management Controls)

FAC-003-3 Version 1.a (Transmission Vegetation Management)

FAC-008-3 (Facility Ratings)

PRC-004-5 (i) (Protection System Misoperation Identification and Correction).

PRC-005-6 (Protection System, Automatic Reclosing, and Sudden Pressure Relay Maintenance)

TPL-001-4 Version 2 (Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements)


Legacy Standard Application Guides

COM-002-2 (Communications and Coordination)

CIP-002 through CIP-009 Version 3 (Critical Infrastructure Protection)

PER-005-1 (System Personnel Training)