‚ÄčThe MRO Standards Committee is responsible for commenting on NERC Standard Authorization Requests (SARs) and pending new or revised standards. The Standards Committee has established a forum, the NERC Standards Review Forum (NSRF), tasked with executing this responsibility. The Standards Committee may also ask the NSRF to review and comment on other documents pertinent to reliability of the Bulk Power System on a case-by-case basis.

The NSRF noted that many of the new Standards have multiple implementation dates.  In order to reduce the risk of non-compliance due to missing a projected enforcement date, the following list of enforcement dates is being provided as a guide to assist entities in their compliance programs. Entities are required to be compliant by the noted enforcement dates. Please contact MRO if you have any questions regarding these dates.

View the New and Modified Standards Enforcement Dates.

The NSRF meets weekly by teleconference and these calls are open to anyone who wants to participate. The NSRF benefits from the active participation of:

  1. experienced operating and planning personnel
  2. representation from all MRO sectors across the MRO footprint
  3. other experts with an interest in the reliability of the Bulk Power System

View the NSRF Roster.

View the NSRF Charter.

The NSRF also uses a comment request e-mail to solicit comments from our stakeholders. If you would like to be added to this list, e-mail your request to MRO.