Below is a list of open seats on MRO organizational groups. If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for one or more of these positions, please submit a nomination form. Please note that incumbents are eligible. Reasonable travel expenses for individuals serving in this capacity are reimbursed pursuant to MRO's Policy and Procedure 2: Expense Reimbursement. For more information on the general qualifications for organizational group membership, please click here. Specific qualifications for each subgroup can be found on each Organizational Group's page or Charter.

Open Seats on MRO Organizational Groups

expand Organizational Groups : NERC Standards Review Forum (NSRF) ‎(1)
expand Organizational Groups : Special Protection System Working Group (SPSWG) ‎(2)

Open Positions for MRO Representatives on NERC Committees and Subgroups (available to all industry sectors)

In addition to MRO organizational groups, MRO members may nominate individuals to represent MRO on NERC Committees or subgroups based on experience, expertise and specific criteria in the applicable charter. These individuals represent MRO's interests, not the interests of the individual's company, and report through an MRO advisory council pursuant to Policy and Procedure 4. These individuals are eligible to be reimbursed for reasonable travel, meals, and lodging expenses for representing MRO at NERC meetings pursuant to MRO's Policy and Procedure 2: Expense Reimbursement. For a list of current MRO Representatives on NERC Committees click here.

NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC)OpenPhysical Alternate12/31/2019