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MRO 2020 Annual Report.pdfMRO 2020 Annual Report
MRO is pleased to share its 2020 Annual Report
MRO 2016 Annual Report.pdfMRO 2016 Annual Report
A year in review: MRO's 2016 Annual Report
MRO 2019 Annual Report.pdfMRO 2019 Annual Report
MRO 2018 Annual Report.pdfMRO 2018 Annual Report
A year in review: MRO's 2018 Annual Report
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2003 Blackout Report.pdf2003 Blackout Report
This is a copy of the public 2003 Blackout Report.
MRO Event Analysis Process.pdfMRO Event Analysis Process
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MRO 2020 Winter Regional Assessment.pdfMRO 2020 Winter Regional Assessment
MRO’s Regional Winter Assessment is an independent assessment of the 2020-2021 winter season. The assessment provides an evaluation of resource adequacy necessary to meet projected upcoming winter peak demands.


MRO Volunteer Recognition Program
MRO 2019 Stakeholder Survey Summary
A summary of results from MRO's 2019 Annual Stakeholders Satisfaction Survey
MRO 2018 Stakeholder Survey Summary
Summary results from MRO's 2018 Stakeholder Survey
MRO 2017 Stakeholder Survey Results Summary
MRO 2017 Stakeholder Survey Results Summary
MRO 2016 Stakeholder Survey Results
A summary of the results of MRO's 2016 Annual Stakeholder Survey
MRO 2015 Stakeholder Survey Results
Summary of the results of MRO's 2015 Stakeholder Survey
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