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webCDMS Login
Login page for webCDMS
NERC Canadian Provincial Summaries
Canadian Provincial Summaries of Standard-Making and Enforcement Functions with U.S. Comparators
The Saskatchewan Electric Reliability Authority Resources
The Saskatchewan Electric Reliability Authority has approved several documents and made them available on a public facing website. The resources posted include: MOU, RoP in effect (CMEP, Registration, Standard Adoption, Definitions), Adopted Standards, and Confirmed Violations (limited to O&P Stds). 
NERC Reliability Standards
Link to NERC's Reliability Standards web page.
NERC Rules of Procedure
Link to NERC's Rules of Procedure web page.
NERC Standards Authorization Request Form
Link to NERC's Standards Authorization Request Form on the NERC Standards Resources web page.
NERC Standards Committee
Link to NERC Standards Committee web page.