​​​​The NERC Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program (CMEP) defines a variety of compliance monitoring methods that MRO can use to assess Registered Entities' compliance with NERC Reliability Standards. The primary methods utilized by MRO include Compliance Audits and Self-Certifications. Additionally, Registered Entities may submit Self-Reports of non-compliance at any time.

MRO conducts its work according to the CMEP and the ERO Compliance Auditor Manual, as well as professional auditing standards. MRO seeks to ensure the transparency, accountability and quality of all work related to monitoring of Registered Entities' compliance with NERC Reliability Standards. MRO's compliance monitoring work also incorporates the Reliability Assurance Initiative tools and processes.

The following compliance monitoring activities are conducted in accordance with the NERC Rules of Procedure Appendix 4C of the CMEP. Each year, NERC publishes a consolidated Implementation Plan, which communicates the specific CMEP activities for the year for the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) enterprise. 

For certain Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements, a Registered Entity may request a Technical Feasibility Exception (TFE)​ where strict compliance with the requirement cannot be achieved.

MRO relies on the engagement and active participation of industry experts in performing its work. The MRO CMEP Advisory Council is a stakeholder-led council that supports work related to Compliance Monitoring.

If you have questions regarding Compliance Monitoring, please contact: Compliance@mro.net.