​​​​The Organizational Group and NERC Representative Oversight Committee (Organizational Group Oversight Committee, committee, or OGOC) is a MRO Board of Directors committee with the responsibility to oversee MRO's organizational groups and the representatives serving on industry groups established by NERC.

The committee's primary responsibility is to establish organizational groups as necessary to "identify, prioritize and assure effective and efficient mitigation of risks to the reliability and security of the North American bulk power system by promoting Highly Effective Reliability Organizations (HEROs) pursuant to MRO Bylaws Article 8. The committee will oversee the work of MRO organizational groups to identify and mitigate risks considering the ERO Enterprise Strategic Plan and Metrics, ERO assessments, MRO's Regional Risk Assessment, and other pertinent information that identifies industry trends and emerging risks. The committee is also responsible for monitoring the work of the organizational groups to ensure it is not duplicative of work being done by other ERO Enterprise organization groups or industry. The committee designates individuals to represent MRO on NERC industry groups, and provides direction to those individuals so their participation is consistent with addressing regional reliability and security concerns in an effective and efficient manner.

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