Sara Patrick

Sara Patrick, President and CEO

Sara Patrick joined MRO in August 2008 as Director Regulatory Affairs and Enforcement. In 2011, Ms. Patrick was promoted to Vice President Enforcement and Regulatory Affairs, and in 2016 she became the Vice President Compliance Monitoring and Regulatory Affairs. In June 2018, the MRO Board of Directors named Ms. Patrick President and CEO. 

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Dan Schoenecker

Dan Schoenecker, Vice President Operations

Dan Schoenecker joined the MRO leadership team in July 2007 as Enforcement and Mitigation Manager, and was promoted to Vice President Operations in August 2008. 

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Miggie Cramblit

Miggie Cramblit, Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Director of External Affairs

Miggie Cramblit joined MRO in 2010 and brings extensive corporate and energy regulatory legal experience to the organization having served as counsel to utilities for over 25 years.

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Richard Burt, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Richard Burt joined MRO in February 2012 as a Principal Risk Assessment and Mitigation Engineer and was promoted to Vice President Risk Assessment, Mitigation and Standards in April 2015. In August 2018, he was named Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.  

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​Valerie Agnew, Vice President Enforcement

Valerie Agnew joined MRO in May 2017 as Vice President Enforcement. Ms. Agnew came to MRO from NERC, where she held various leadership positions from 2009-2017, including Senior Director of Enterprise Strategic Development, Senior Director of Reliability Assurance, and Senior Director of Standards.

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Sue Clarke

Sue Clarke, Vice President Finance and Administration

Sue Clarke joined MRO in August 2007 as Controller, and was promoted shortly thereafter to Vice President Finance and Administration.

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