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About the ERO Enterprise’s New Onboarding Checklist

Companion to the ERO Enterprise Information Package

On November 7, 2022 the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) Enterprise unveiled the ERO Enterprise Onboarding Checklist. The checklist is a companion to the ERO Enterprise Informational Package. As any good sidekick, the checklist aids the protagonist in achieving the goal. The action items identified in the companion checklist are aimed at maintaining reliability and security of the bulk power system.

The checklist is a job aid for Primary Compliance Contacts (PCCs), Primary Compliance Officers (PCOs), and Alternate Compliance Contacts (ACCs). Getting involved and staying up to date on reliability matters is no small task. The companion checklist can more easily be utilized to ensure the completeness of the required action items for entity contacts and identify recommended outreach opportunities to help in the execution of working to maintain reliability.

The ERO Enterprise works effectively, efficiently, and collaboratively to deliver programs that maintain a highly reliable and secure bulk power system. The checklist identifies principal ERO Enterprise activities such as annual and/or special assessments, the collection and analysis of information, or the sharing of lessons learned with industry. Registration for NERC alerts keeps an entity informed about reliability impact information specific to its registered functions. The event reporting requirements and analysis provide shareable lessons learned. Mandatory section 1600 reporting allows for the collection of data used to analyze performance and trend results that are then utilized for maintaining future reliability.

The companion checklist may be more easily relatable than the details provided by the main character, the ERO Enterprise Informational Package. The companion’s identified required actions give reason to understand the setting of a newly registered entity. The exposition of the initial steps for new entities and new entity contacts is found in the ERO Enterprise Informational Package and the ERO Enterprise Registration Procedure. The checklist tool should provide clarity and improve efficiency for registered entities, being a complement to the registration processes.

Question regarding registration can be submitted to [email protected].

– Summer Stephens, Senior Reliability Specialist, MRO