MRO’s oversight and risk management responsibilities include five distinct areas of responsibility:

MRO executes these responsibilities consistent with its Regulatory Philosophy, the NERC Rules of Procedure and other applicable guidance. By executing its responsibilities independently in a technically sound and non-discriminatory manner, MRO provides Assurance of the reliable operation of the Bulk Power System (BPS) in the MRO Region.

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ERO Enterprise Program Alignment Process

The ERO Enterprise Program Alignment Process is intended to enhance efforts to identify, prioritize, and resolve alignment issues across the ERO Enterprise. This is a repeatable, transparent process that registered entities (or other relevant industry stakeholders) may use to report any perceived inconsistency in the approach, methods, or practices implemented and executed by the Regional Entities.

Submitting an Issue using the Consistency Reporting Tool

NERC implemented the Consistency Reporting Tool using a third-party application, EthicsPoint, which allows stakeholders to submit consistency issues-anonymously, if desired. While issues may be submitted anonymously, the submitter may also choose to provide their name and contact information, which may help expedite the process in understanding the scope and material impact of the reported issue. If the submitter choses to remain anonymous, they should check their request six-to-seven business days after submittal via the Consistency Reporting Tool for additional information requested by NERC. If the submitter provides their name and contact details, NERC will contact them directly.